"I have used Bookkeeping Plus for my personal, and my husband's business tax returns for the last 10 years. Dreama (Marcum) McClurg is honest, trustworthy and cares about the people she works for. I have found that she makes sure she is up to date on all tax laws and changes, and always makes sure the information she presents is correct. I would recommend Dreama to anyone who needs book keeping or tax preparation assistance."

Kim Baker

"I found Dreama of Bookkeeping Plus as a customer first. We started talking and I found out she was a bookkeeper and a tax preparer. I was telling her about not knowing about the different tax laws that I was going thru. Dreama sat down with me and explain to me what I needed to know about the taxes and what paperwork I needed to do. I tried it on my own for a short time. I didn't have time to do what I loved to do as a beautician and the paperwork as well. I asked Dreama if she would help me with the bookkeeping and my year-end tax return. That has been about 7 years ago, and I wouldn't trust anyone with my information but Dreama."

Ceci Hogsett
Headz or Nailz

"I have known Dreama of Bookkeeping Plus for about 11 years now. I was in need of someone to help me with my quarterly taxes. I run a cleaning business. When I started talking to Dreama she told me, in a language that I could understand, about how we would arrived with what taxes needed to be paid and where to send them to. That year I decided to have Bookkeeping Plus to do my yearend tax return. Dreama showed me how much money I was getting back. I had never gotten money back. I said to her could you take a look at the other tax returns from previous years to see if they were done right. There was one year that was not, and I had gotten some extra money back. We filed an amended return and gotten the money back a few months down the road. I have used Bookkeeping Plus ever since. Anytime during the year if I have any questions or concerns, I just call Dreama up and she talks to me to where I can understand it. I have come to know Dreama very well. I would not trust my book work or tax returns to anyone else. It's hard to find anyone now a day that can talk to you and explain to you on your level instead of the tax lingo that is out there today. Thank you so much Dreama for being different."

Donna Kay

"I have known Dreama of Bookkeeping Plus for about 8 years now. We were friends before I knew she did tax returns and bookkeeping. When I got a job and it was time for tax returns to be filed. I asked Dreama to prepare mine. That's been about 7 years ago, now she does my husbands and mine along with our two kids, who have grown up and starting out on their own. I decided about 5 years ago to go in with someone to open up a restaurant. I said that I would like for her to use Dreama of Bookkeeping Plus to do the bookkeeping and tax returns for the company. She hesitated at first, but when she meet Dreama for the first time, it was like I have been telling everyone all along. Dreama knows what she is doing, and I completely trust her with my tax returns and any bookkeeping needs."

Patty Spears

"I found Dreama of Bookkeeping Plus thru mutual friends. I was telling my friend that I needed someone to come and check my books out. Dreama sat down with me and explained to me what she would be able to do. She gathered all information and showed me how it was in my computerized bookkeeping. Then I asked Dreama if she would be able to do my bookkeeping. She has been my bookkeeper for about 6 months now, and if I want to know how to find something or to do something in my computerized bookkeeping, she walks me thru step by step. We have a great understanding and working relationship with each other. I have faith in Dreama to keep me informed of everything that goes on in my company."

Tim Steele
Pavement Maintenance Contractors, Inc.