Do you understand your financial capabilities with your business? What income data do you currently maintain on your operating expenses, gross profit, cost of goods sold and net sales? How about your ratios: what are your assets to liabilities? Sales to receivables? Cost of sales to inventories?

No matter what business you are in wholesale distributor, home improvement specialists, retail stores, travel agencies, general contractors, automotive service centers, nonprofit organization you need customized financial reports every month in order to manage your business successfully. Bookkeeping Plus will allow you the small and medium size business owner to concentrate on running your business and help you free up more time to increase your productivity. You will not have to spend endless hours with bookkeeping and other paperwork.

Bookkeeping Plus wants to help solve the many financial problems that confront small business owners today. We offer small and medium size business an affordable opportunity to organize and control their financial data by translating it into concise and meaningful information which supports your daily business operations.

Bookkeeping Plus is especially dedicated to bringing a wide variety of business management and financial reports to small businesses at a minimal cost. This will enable you to have a better financial picture of your business.

Dreama (Marcum) McClurg is the owner of Bookkeeping Plus with many years of experience...

 over 25 years as a Bookkeeper

 over 18 years as a Tax Preparer

 over 19 years in Business,
   under Bookkeeping Plus

Dreama is also a Member of Intuit's Accounting Professionals Division.

Bookkeeping Plus is registered with the IRS to submit electronic returns, as well as Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia.